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Ashley Stewart

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Ashley Stewart

Stewart Environmental and Equity Consulting

Ashley Stewart is a Connecticut native that has dedicated her career to improving the environmental and social condition of Black urban communities in the State. Ashley is an environmental engineer, municipal equity coach, facilitator, environmental sociology researcher, and project management consultant. Ashley earned her B.S. in civil engineering from Temple University, and her master’s degree from Yale University’s School of the Environment.

Her diverse career has helped to shape her view that the environment for Black community is more than nature and wildlife, but incorporates access to jobs, resources, transportation, and racialized terror. In her career she has managed large-scale construction projects that have enhanced our natural environment, developed equity learning resources for Connecticut non-profits, facilitated dialogues across a wide range of topics, aided municipal and non-profit organizations in building understanding of environmental inequity in Connecticut and cultivated deep relationships across the state with community stakeholders.

Through her consulting company, Stewart Environmental and Equity Consulting (SEEC), Ashley has continued her research focuses on the effects of environmental policy on marginalized communities and the role residents have in forming their own environmental protection. SEEC also supports nonprofits and municipalities in incorporating community in designing sustainable solutions across land use decisions, resilience investment and sustainability programming.

Ashley is a distinguished Switzer Fellow and an Outdoor Afro Leader in Connecticut. She is a board member of the Connecticut Green Building Council (CTGBC). Ashley is an avid reader that loves biking and gardening.