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Brian Florek

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Brian Florek

Chief Surveyor

Brian Florek is a Licensed Land Surveyor and is the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Supervisor of Surveys and Mapping.

Brian has worked at DEEP for 16 years, where approximately 265,000 acres of Open Space are under his direct purview. Brian is responsible for abating numerous encroachments and is the final approval for DEEP property transactions prior to the Attorney General’s Office.

Brian is also the custodian of all the DEEP land records associated with these properties. Brian is DEEP’s Land Expert for all Litigations and has repeatedly testified in court on DEEP’s behalf. Brian is referred to as the “State Surveyor.”  Brian is the Public Sector Council for the Connecticut Association of Land Surveyors, on the Waterford Land Trust Board of Directors, and on the Connecticut Geographic Naming Committee.

Brian is also an avid surf caster and loves to be outdoors tromping through the woods. Just don’t ask him where his favorite fishing spots are located!