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Diana Fiske

Diana Fiske pulling up weeds

Diana Fiske

Friends of Whalebone Cove

Diana Fiske was a founding member in 2016 of the Friends of Whalebone Cove, a grassroots environmental organization whose mission is to protect and preserve the ecological integrity of Whalebone Cove and its surroundings. She has served as secretary, and most recently as president for the past 4 years. During warmer weather she is likely to be seen in a kayak with other volunteers surveying, pulling, and removing invasive water chestnut or yellow Flag iris, or cutting Japanese knotweed at a test site she oversees on the banks of Whalebone Creek.

Diana is also busy locally as a member of the Lyme Land Trust’s Events & Education Committee, Lyme’s SustainableCT certification committee, the Lyme Pollinator Pathway, and the St. Ann’s Episcopal Church Environment Committee, co-chairing the church’s growing pollinator/native gardens throughout the campus. She has been passionate about all things natural since growing up on a dairy farm in Sussex, England, joining garden clubs and volunteering as an enthusiastic weeder in various hometowns as an adult, and gaining her Master Gardener certification from UConn in 2012.  She started Nixing Knotweed in partnership with Courtney MacDonald at their shared summer community at the shore in 2021.