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Mike Callahan

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Mike Callahan

Beaver Institute, Inc.

Mike Callahan has worked to promote coexistence with beavers since 1998. He has installed over 1,900 successful flow devices in New England with his company Beaver Solutions LLC. He started the Beaver Management Forum Discussion Group on Facebook that has approximately 3,000 members. In 2017 he founded the nonprofit Beaver Institute, Inc. to promote beaver coexistence across North America.

His duties as President of the Beaver Institute include training BeaverCorps professionals across North America. He is also developing and overseeing multiple coexistence programs including landowner flow device incentive grants, a Climate Change Coalition, the BeaverCON conferences, and a national Beaver BioBank Program. In his spare time he loves the outdoors, reading, spiritual pursuits, the New England Patriots, and spending time with friends and family.