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Susan Masino

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Susan Masino

Trinity College

Susan Masino is a Professor of Applied Science at Trinity College and a neuroscientist. She is interested in opportunities to promote and restore brain health, and, alongside her neuroscience research, she has been applying an interdisciplinary lens to local resource use and land conservation.

In 2018 Dr. Masino was awarded a Charles Bullard Research Fellowship at Harvard University on forests and brain health and is translating that work into her scholarship and teaching.

In 2019 she collaborated with a climate scientist and an ecologist to publish the seminal paper on “proforestation” – the quantified benefits maintaining some forests as intact forest ecosystems to foster maximal carbon storage and ecological and structural complexity.

Dr. Masino is on the Pinchot Institute for Conservation and currently serving on the Science and Technology Working Group of the Governor’s Council on Climate Change in Connecticut.