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Urban Oasis created by Prospect Land Trust

In late 2018, the New Haven Harbor Watershed & Audubon Society of Connecticut established an Urban Refuge Partnership to award grants for the development of urban oases habitats. Soon after, the Urban Refuge Partnership announced that the Prospect Land Trust’s application to establish an urban oasis site at McGrath Park in Prospect had been awarded. The site at McGrath Park joined the network of urban oases being created across the New Haven Harbor Watershed in public spaces, neighborhoods, and schoolyards.

These urban oases-habitats and green spaces for people and wildlife create critical stopover habitat in urban areas for migrating songbirds and work to inspire people to conservation action and long-term stewardship of their communities. This site has excellent connection opportunities with existing green space, easy public access that will aid in community engagement, and is close to area schools, which have opportunities to foster conservation beyond the schoolyard. The Oasis is located on Prospect Town property at the north end of the Long River Middle School parking lot.

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