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Governor’s Council on Climate Change

Learn more about the Governor’s Council on Climate Change (GC3), as well as access reports regarding climate change in Connecticut.

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Communications Best Practices – Land Trust Alliance

The Land Trust Alliance provides tips on ways to effectively communicate about climate change with others.

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Reshaping the Energy Future: Renewables and Land Trusts – Land Trust Alliance

In this document the Alliance articulates the important role that land trusts can play in renewable energy development and offers specific guidance on ways that land trusts can participate in this important issue to support improved conservation outcomes in the context of a changing climate.

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Practical Pointers: Siting Renewables on Conservation Easements – Land Trust Alliance

Assessing whether renewable energy is an appropriate activity is a site-specific question that can only be answered after careful analysis of the conservation values of a given property and in the full context of an individual project. These “practical pointers” help support that analysis.

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Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink – National Audubon Society

The National Audubon Society created a website sharing how climate change impacts hundreds of species of birds across the United States.

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Conservation in a Changing Climate – Land Trust Alliance

The Land Trust Alliance created the Conservation in a Changing Climate website as a technical resource for land trusts and other organizations involved with land conservation planning in the United States.

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How to Make Your Outdoor Content Accessible for People with Disabilities

This article written by Syren Nagakyrie at Disabled Hikers provides helpful tips when creating online content for people with sensory disabilities.

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Sample Signage

CLCC’s sign collection includes example signage for land trusts and other conservation and trail organizations.  If you have helpful signage to share, please contact Cristina at

For additional (non-CT) samples visit WeConservePA’s sign gallery:

For CT COVID-19 Sample Trails Signage click here.

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Land Trust Standards & Practices – Land Trust Alliance
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Taxes – Land Trust Alliance
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Strategic Conservation – Land Trust Alliance
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Stewardship – Land Trust Alliance