Resources from Ins and Outs of Restricted Gifts

4/19/21 – Negotiating, documenting, or tracking restricted gifts are often part of our everyday work as land trusts. In this workshop, three accredited land trusts shared information about financial restricted gifts. Presenters delivered a brief overview of definitions, key concepts and applicable sections of Land Trust Standards & Practices (2017) and shared practices and experience from their own land trusts.

This workshop was originally presented as part of CLCC’s Spring 2021 Conserving Land by Staying Connected Programming.

2016 New London County Advancement Initiative

April – December 2016, funded by the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut Letz Environmental Grant Program, was a one-year project which sought to strengthen land trusts operating within New London County by providing technical assistance, training and other services focused on building their respective programs to provide long-term land stewardship and conservation defense.

2014-2016 Lower CT River Advancement Initiative

CLCC worked with the Land Trust Alliance and the Lower Connecticut River Valley Council of Governments (River COG) to provide 15 land trusts within the Lower CT River and Coastal Region Land Trust Exchange (LTE) (a regional conservation partnership coordinated by RiverCOG Environmental Planner Margot Burns) with technical assistance to collaborate on 3 projects focused on communications & community engagement, long-term stewardship, and a feasibility study on shared services.

Land Trust Law School – Tree and Land Law Connecticut Style

9/30/20 – Keith Ainsworth leads the discussion on the legal strategies and tools available to land trusts, environmental organizations and landowners seeking to protect, assert and know their rights. This workshop covered laws, regulations, and review the broad history of cases that illustrate how Connecticut’s courts have shaped the law. Topics included encroachments, tree law, water and wetlands, liability and risk management, restoration, documentation and participating in the public process.

Stewardship Funding with NRCS

6/4/20 – Staff from NRCS Connecticut presented about available funding for your stewardship work. NRCS Staff covered a variety of their programs including the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP), Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), and the Healthy Forest Reserve Program.

Updating Your Stewardship Workplan

5/21/20 – Connie Manes, Executive Director of Kent Land Trust presents on planning your stewardship calendar at this time. Review basic must-do stewardship responsibilities for fee-owned and conservation easement properties, and learn how land trusts in CT and nationally are accomplishing these tasks.

Invasive Species Management Q&A Session

5/19/20 – Jeff Ward, Chief Scientist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and Kelsey Wentling, River Steward with the Connecticut River Conservancy lead a session with brief presentations about key terrestrial invasive species and water chestnut, an invasive aquatic plant, and there will be ample time for questions and discussion.

Board Member Responsibilities for Ensuring the Strongest Transactions (101 series)

3/23/19 – Kevin Case and Chuck Toal provide a basic understanding of the technical aspects of land protection and stewardship for both conservation easements and fee-owned land. Gain a better understanding of the tools, resources and responsibilities needed to get the job done.

Building and Keeping a Strong Staff

3/23/19 – Amanda leads the discussion on job descriptions, personnel policy, employee culture, burnout and affordable health insurance. Gain a fresh perspective and tools to help make your staff stronger and stay longer, and therefore your land trust more successful.

Video & Social Media Engagement

Learn how to take a quality videos using your smartphone, cover some of the accessible video editing platforms out there and provide information on how to make the most of sharing these videos on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Watch the recording and access the resources from this workshop.

Resources from Mergers for Land Trusts Q&A

5/14/20 – Amy Blaymore Paterson and Catherine Rawson, Executive Director of Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust presented a Q&A Session on Land Trust Mergers. This session included case studies from two recent land trust mergers and will detail the exciting funding opportunities being provided by the Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation for merger assistance.

Watch the recording and access the handouts from this workshop.