Updating Your Stewardship Workplan

5/21/20 – Connie Manes, Executive Director of Kent Land Trust presents on planning your stewardship calendar at this time. Review basic must-do stewardship responsibilities for fee-owned and conservation easement properties, and learn how land trusts in CT and nationally are accomplishing these tasks.

Invasive Species Management Q&A Session

5/19/20 – Jeff Ward, Chief Scientist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and Kelsey Wentling, River Steward with the Connecticut River Conservancy lead a session with brief presentations about key terrestrial invasive species and water chestnut, an invasive aquatic plant, and there will be ample time for questions and discussion.

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Stewardship – Land Trust Alliance
Information on Powerline Right-of-Way Vegetation Management

4/12/19 – CLCC and Eversource Energy hosted a forum with Dr. Robert Askins who presented specific guidelines for managing habitat for early successional birds (as well as New England Cottontails) on powerline corridors and in other open areas on land trust preserves. Following Dr. Askins’ presentation, representatives from the Eversource Vegetation Management team presented on current management objectives, protocol and maintenance schedules as it relates to transmission corridors.