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Rolleri & Sheppard CPAS, LLP

Rolleri & Sheppard CPAS, LLP
John OBrien

2150 Post Road
5th FL

Fairfield, CT 06824
203-259-CPAS (2727)

Rolleri & Sheppard CPAS, LLP is a full service public accounting firm. We have large firm resources with a small firm personal touch. We understand every business is different, and your tax and accounting solutions should be tailored as such. We believe in active involvement. We are your business consultants, part of your management team to implement and execute strategies and methodologies to achieve the results.

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We believe in understanding your goals first then tailoring an approach to achieve your objectives. Rest assured with our experienced partners and staff you will have access to our highly trained team. Our approach is simple, we focus on the results, and with our team approach we ensure we achieve your objectives.