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Shadbush Consulting, LLC

Shadbush Consulting, LLC
Julia Solomon
Red Hook, NY

Shadbush Consulting provides tailored services to support land trusts as their organizations grow and change. We specialize in supporting partnerships, collaboratives and cross-sector initiatives, with particular focus on climate resilience and community conservation. Services include facilitation, assessment, community engagement, writing, speaking and leadership support.

Julia Solomon, Principal, has twenty years of experience facilitating group dialogue and planning processes for nonprofits, universities and governments and brings a scientifically grounded, interdisciplinary approach to projects. She has worked extensively in the fields of land and water conservation, land use planning, climate action planning and community engagement.

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Facilitation – Strategy development and planning for organizations and multi-stakeholder projects.Assessment – Focus groups, stakeholder meetings, one-on-one interviews, surveys, peer bench-marking research.

Community Engagement – Design of public engagement processes, facilitation of public engagement activities.

Writing – Review and revision of existing communication materials, development of grant proposals, creation of content to support new or revised organizational identity and initiatives.

Speaking – Conference presentations and workshops, presentations to multi-stakeholder groups, participation in panel discussions.

Leadership Support – Meetings with leaders and leadership teams, facilitated activities to promote creativity and growth.