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The Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) Conservation Service Provider Directory provides a list of businesses, consultants, and contractors that have worked or have an interest in working with Connecticut land trusts.

Please note that while the following service providers are offered to assist Connecticut’s land conservation community, they are not meant to be exhaustive of either the types of services or the providers available to the public.

Important:  Inclusion on a list is not an endorsement of any one or more of these service providers. We strongly recommend that before retaining the services of any service provider you ask for several references from land trusts and/or other organizations/individuals with whom they have worked.

This logo indicates the service provider listed is a current conference sponsor.

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Botanical & Ecological Consulting
Christopher Mangels

26 North Drive

New Fairfield, CT 06812

Independent consultant with over 30 years experience in the Northeast, principally in biological inventory and documentation and management of rare and invasive plant species.

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Contact Christopher Mangels for more details.

Ecological Land Management
Brian Colleran

293 High Road

Newbury, MA 01951-2506

Ecological Land Management, LLC (ELM), is an ecological restoration oriented company, with a focus on the management of invasive species, making transportation infrastructure more resilient to climate change, and wetland and riparian areas.

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Specialties include research on, and management of, invasive knotweeds; interacting with State and municipal wetland laws and regulations; and botanical education. ELM’s Principal, Brian Colleran, has a long history with riparian area restoration projects in several biomes, and has been an author on four peer reviewed publications focused on how invasive knotweeds amplify and exacerbate riparian erosion.

G Rocks Land Services
Brady Giroux

52 Middle Road

Ellington, CT

G Rocks Land Services provides land clearing, brush mowing, stump grinding and excavation services to all counties in Connecticut.

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We are a certified Supervising Forest Products Harvester through the CT DEEP. We have worked on trail creation, field reclamation and invasive species removal projects.