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The Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) Conservation Service Provider Directory provides a list of businesses, consultants, and contractors that have worked or have an interest in working with Connecticut land trusts.

Please note that while the following service providers are offered to assist Connecticut’s land conservation community, they are not meant to be exhaustive of either the types of services or the providers available to the public.

Important:  Inclusion on a list is not an endorsement of any one or more of these service providers. We strongly recommend that before retaining the services of any service provider you ask for several references from land trusts and/or other organizations/individuals with whom they have worked.

This logo indicates the service provider listed is a current conference sponsor.

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Community Consultants
Judy Anderson

P.O. Box 617

Kinderhook, NY 12106

Would you like to see your organization expand its impact in a way that enriches lives, builds a lasting commitment to conservation, and builds your organizational capacity?

We work with all-volunteer and staffed organizations—primarily conservation organizations—who want to engage with people based upon shared values, a connection to building a better and more inclusive community through conservation, and a Culture of Appreciation.

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Why? Because we feel an urgency to build resilient, impactful, strategic, and compassionate organizations. We believe that together, no matter where we live or what we do, conservation should and can enrich the lives of all people in tangible ways and build more inclusive, thoughtful, and healthy communities.

Our approach

We work with you to enhance your leadership, to create a culture that inspires participation and volunteer efforts, and to increase contributions for the organization and related programs and projects.

Rather than do the work for you, we focus on coaching: providing you with the strategy, tactics, skills, feedback, brainstorming, examples, and copy-writing/editing support that allow you to continue to grow and expand your impact beyond our work together.

We focus on communications and engagement that draw people together—and to your land trust—using techniques from neuroscience, marketing, donor-centered engagement, environmental physiology, conservation psychology, and organizational and behavioral change theory.

In partnership with W Design, or your own designers, we also work to help transform your outreach, educational materials, and marketing to be more visually inspiring and impactful.

Conservation Consulting Group
Nancy Moore
Managing Principal

P.O. Box 6751

Monona, WI 53716

The Conservation Consulting Group (CCG) is a collective of highly experienced professionals who are passionate about land conservation and dedicated to building the capacity and advancing the mission of nonprofit environmental and conservation organizations throughout the United States.

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Specialties include strategic planning, organizational assessment and improvement, Board development, meeting facilitation, coaching and mentoring, training and education. We assist organizations with planning and developing initiatives that engage, invigorate, and mobilize stakeholders and constituencies. We offer assessments and specific recommendations based on best practices to empower staffs and Boards. We deliver so our clients can deliver – results second to none.

Danosky & Associates
Sharon Danosky
President & Founder

PO Box 1225

New Milford, CT 06776

Danosky & Associates is an action-oriented, results driven consulting firm that builds nonprofit capacity, applied through an equity lens with innovative strategies for an ever-emerging future. Our expertise focuses on four critical areas and specialties in each area that can be part of an integrated plan or address specific independent issues. Strategy, Governance, Funding and Finance.

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To provide the best services to our clients possible, we have honed and developed key skills that we consider essential to the outcomes our clients are expecting.  Individually and collectively we have dedicated years to perfecting our practice. That is why we consistently achieve and super-achieve the outcomes our clients want and expect.

  • The ability to listen – to clients, board members, donors and people with lived experience
  • The art of facilitation – to bring consensus through deliberative and meaningful discussion
  • The skill to ask the right question – critical questions asked at pivotal moments open discussion
  • The gift of communication – both written and oral so ideas are presented clearly and compellingly
  • Dedication to research – to gather and analyze data that unlocks opportunity
  • A holistic approach to all initiatives we direct.
Shadbush Consulting, LLC
Julia Solomon
Red Hook, NY

Shadbush Consulting provides tailored services to support land trusts as their organizations grow and change. We specialize in supporting partnerships, collaboratives and cross-sector initiatives, with particular focus on climate resilience and community conservation. Services include facilitation, assessment, community engagement, writing, speaking and leadership support.

Julia Solomon, Principal, has twenty years of experience facilitating group dialogue and planning processes for nonprofits, universities and governments and brings a scientifically grounded, interdisciplinary approach to projects. She has worked extensively in the fields of land and water conservation, land use planning, climate action planning and community engagement.

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Facilitation – Strategy development and planning for organizations and multi-stakeholder projects.Assessment – Focus groups, stakeholder meetings, one-on-one interviews, surveys, peer bench-marking research.

Community Engagement – Design of public engagement processes, facilitation of public engagement activities.

Writing – Review and revision of existing communication materials, development of grant proposals, creation of content to support new or revised organizational identity and initiatives.

Speaking – Conference presentations and workshops, presentations to multi-stakeholder groups, participation in panel discussions.

Leadership Support – Meetings with leaders and leadership teams, facilitated activities to promote creativity and growth.

Tind-All Creative Marketing
Deirdre Tindall

1258 Litchfield Turnpike

New Hartford, CT

We are a full-service woman owned digital marketing agency with a heart. When organizations choose to work with us, a portion of all dollars earned go back into the local community and non-profits.

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We specialize in creating websites, social media management, strategy, PR, content writing, seo, ppc and much more.