Connecticut Land Conservation Conference

March 25, 2023, Wesleyan University, Middletown

Usdan Center, 45 Wyllys Avenue, Middletown.

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How We Can Allow Beavers to Build Climate Resilience

2:45pm - 4:00pm
Room: Chapel
Intermediate Level

Beavers can cause serious problems for humans, but they also build climate resilience by storing water, helping biodiversity and endangered species, reducing storm damage, sequestering carbon and much more. Mike Callahan, President of the Beaver Institute, Inc. will take the audience on a journey. Starting in pre-colonial times and traveling through to the present day, the audience will learn how the fascinating history of beavers in North America has direct implications for us today. Attendees will also learn why the beaver is Connecticut’s most beneficial animal for maintaining and improving biodiversity, restoring endangered species, restoring stream, water quality and watershed health, and building climate resilience.


Michael Callahan, President, Beaver Institute, Inc.

Diane Honer, CT Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator, Beaver Institute, Inc.

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“More than any other, this event galvanizes and strengthens our conservation efforts in Connecticut. We’ve been looking forward to a return to CLCC’s in-person conference for three years. That day is finally here!”

- Stuart Winquist, President, Middlesex Land Trust

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