Connecticut Land Conservation Conference

March 25, 2023, Wesleyan University, Middletown

Usdan Center, 45 Wyllys Avenue, Middletown.

Rick Newton

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Stewardship Best Practices (101 Series)

Room: Boger 115
Intro Level

Stewardship is arguably the most important component of a land trust’s work. Only through taking good care of protected lands can we ensure the perpetual conservation of their natural resources. A land trust that accepts conservation easements commits to enforcement of their terms in perpetuity. Land trusts with fee-owned preserves may have management obligations depending on the purpose for which the property was acquired, such as for public trails or to support unique habitat. The Land Trust Alliance’s Standards and Practices further address stewardship principles and components of a successful stewardship program. Learn the essentials and strategies for their implementation. Come with questions related to your unique stewardship needs, whether you are just beginning your stewardship journey or your group is considering the leap to LTA accreditation. This workshop will be a brief presentation followed by an open forum Q&A.


Sue Cope, Independent Contractor and Owner, Save CT Land, LLC

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“More than any other, this event galvanizes and strengthens our conservation efforts in Connecticut. We’ve been looking forward to a return to CLCC’s in-person conference for three years. That day is finally here!”

- Stuart Winquist, President, Middlesex Land Trust

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