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Sunfleck Consulting, LLC

Sunfleck Consulting, LLC
Eli Roberts
Newburgh, NY

I specialize in agroforestry systems (useful trees on farms) and ecological forest management (planning harvests to make forests meet multiple goals).

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Agroforestry Systems include:

  • Silvopasture (trees/grass/animals)
  • Alley Cropping (trees/crops)
  • Forest Gardens (complex, multilayered orchards)
  • Forested Riparian Buffers (trees by the water)
  • Windbreaks/Hedgerows (trees surrounding fields)
  • Forest Farming (crops under a shady tree canopy)

Forestry includes:

  • Forest Management Plans
  • 480a Tax Assessment Plans in New York
  • Inventory and Boundary Marking
  • Silviculture Planning
  • Timber Sales
  • Habitat Improvement