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Transaction Assistance Grant (TAG) Program


The Transaction Assistance Grant (TAG) Program is a reimbursement grant program that provides financial assistance to support land trusts’ transaction-related project costs. The goal of this program is to help land trusts initiate new conservation projects and to provide critical funding needed to bring projects to completion.

TAG features a fall and spring round with grant applications accepted on a rolling basis until all grant funds are expended. Applicants may only submit one application for one project per round.

All Spring Round funding has been expended.

Please refer to the grant application for a comprehensive overview of the TAG program and application evaluation criteria. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Yaw: yodarko@ctconservation.org.


See the full list of awardees from the 2022-2023 Fall and Spring rounds.

Grant Application

We are no longer accepting applications for the Spring round.



  • Must be submitted by a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission dedicated to land conservation in CT.
  • Projects must be located within CT and can be a purchase, bargain-sale, or donation of any conservation easement or fee property, to be held by the applicant and protected in perpetuity.
  • Applicant is a current member of CLCC.


  • Early-stage transaction costs
    • Appraisals, title searches, and environmental assessments*.
  • Closing stage transaction costs
    • Title searches, title certificate/insurance, surveys, environmental assessments*, and recording fees.

*Early-stage grants for environmental assessments must be justified (i.e., a reasonable suspicion that the site is contaminated). Otherwise, land trusts are encouraged to apply for funding for environmental assessments when they are at the closing stage.


Projects selected for funding will be awarded up to $5,000 for early-stage transaction costs or up to $20,000 for closing stage transaction costs. Applicants will be notified whether their projects have been selected for funding two weeks after receipt of application. Grant funds will be disbursed after all reporting requirements are met.

Please refer to the grant application for detailed information on grant awards and reporting requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Yaw: yodarko@ctconservation.org.