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Tentatively scheduled for March 22, 2025

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Schedule At-A-Glance

See the workshops below for this year's conference schedule. With 55 workshops, the 2024 conference will cover a variety of topics and discussions for the land conservation community.

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Schedule of the Day

8:00 am Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00 am Plenary Session

  • Welcome Address
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Roundtable Discussion Panel

11:00 am Break

11:15 am Workshop Session A

12:30 pm Lunch and Meet-ups

1:45 pm Workshop Session B

3:00 pm Break

3:15 pm Workshop Session C

4:30 pm Break

4:45 pm Workshop Session D

5:30 pm Reception

Workshops Schedule

Click on each workshop for full descriptions.

Session A: 11:15 - 12:30 Session B: 1:45 - 3:00 Session C: 3:15 - 4:30 Session D: 4:45 - 5:30
A.1 Agricultural Conservation Funding Opportunities – State and Federal Program B.1 Accessing Federal Funding through Collaboration C.1 Advanced Topics in Land Conservation D.1 Model Conservation Easement
A.2 Land Trust Law School B.2 Lassoing the Transformative Power of Strategic Conservation Planning C.2 State Land Acquisition Funding Source Lightning Round D.2 Miyawaki Forests in Bridgeport: The First in CT
A.3 Protecting Drinking Water Sources: A GIS Tool to Rank Priority Areas in CT B.3 Nuts and Bolts of Land Transactions (101 Series) C.3 Proposal Lab: NFWF Funding Opportunities for CT Land Trusts
A.4 Tools for Protecting and Restoring Riparian Areas – Rivers' Natural Protection B.4 Pollinators and their Neighborhoods C.4 Protecting the Wildlife in Your Woodlands D.3 Agroforestry for Land Trusts and Landowners in Connecticut
A.5 Climate-Smart Forestry across Connecticut's Urban to Rural Landscape Gradient B.5 Implementing Climate-Smart Stewardship on Your Land C.5 Controlling Beech Leaf Disease on Land Trust Properties: A Landscape-scale Effort to Protect and Preserve CT's Beeches D.4 The Land Has a Story to Tell: Harnessing Human Creativity, Site Analytics, and Ecological Design to Weave Land Trust Missions and Sense of Place into the Spaces They Conserve
A.5a Bridging Histories, Cultures, and Conservation: A Dialogue on Indigenous Stewardship and Land Trust Partnerships C.6 Improving Stewardship with Satellite and Aerial Technology: Explore the Alliance Toolkit D.5 Understanding Old-Growth Forest Characteristics
A.6 Property Features Mapping with the Avenza App B.6 Making the Most of Your Municipal & Land Trust Farmland with CT Farmlink C.7 From Tragedy to Triumph: Healing Ourselves, Our Soil, and Our Communities D.6 CT Trail Finder
A.7 Forest Therapy to Promote Wellness and Build Community B.7 Black AF Farming: Sociocultural Perceptions of Black Farmers Navigating the Idealistic and Reality C.8 New Parks in New England D.7 A Recreational Trails-Based Approach to Mapping and Managing Invasive Plants in Protected Areas
A.8 Collaboration Not Competition: Community Land Trusts Can Help! B.8 Opening Spaces: Using the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Other Mandates to Create More Accessible Outdoor Experiences for People with Disabilities C.9 Affordable Housing & Conservation: Collaboration Benefits & Examples D.8 Small Scale Native Plant Propagation: How Land Trusts can Start Growing Their Own Native Plants for Restoration and Community Engagement
A.9 Outdoors for All: Equity and Access Advocacy B.9 Using Print and Digital Media to Build Awareness and Connection to Your Land Trust C.10 Conserving Northwest CT: Today and Tomorrow D.9 The Power of Local Educational Partnerships to Enhance Bird Data on Land Trust Properties
B.9a Honoring Indigenous Wisdom: Land Stewardship and Community Connection
A.10 The Adverse Consequences of Light Pollution B.10 State Plan Lightning Round C.11 Leading the Way, Environmental Activists Speak Out D.10 Envisioning a Flourishing Future: Introduction to Rights of Nature
A.11 Prioritizing Natural Climate Solutions in CT B.11 CT General Assembly 2024 Update C.12 Nature for Resilient CT D.11 Improving Access to the Outdoors with Sustainable CT
A.12 De-Mystifying the Capital Campaign B.12 Stewardship Tips and Trends from Terrafirma C.13 Building a Donor-Centric Major Giving Program D.12 Grantwriting 101: Show Me the Green
A.13 Strengthening Your Land Trust Board of Directors B.13 Building Your Roadmap: Considerations for Strategic Planning C.14 Succession Planning and Collaboration: You Don't Have To Go Alone D.13 Fundraising Q&A
A.14 Shifting Board Culture in Favor of Fundraising B.14 How to Raise More Money – a 101 Approach D.14 Organizational Checkup
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“CLCC’s annual conference is like Woodstock for Connecticut’s land conservation community. It’s an opportunity to foster connections, get inspired, and celebrate our collective accomplishments”

- Pete Govert, Executive Director, East Haddam Land Trust

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