Strategic Plan

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Our focus is to meet with vigor the social, political, and economic challenges of land conservation

We believe that the challenges facing the land trust community—including everything from aging organizational infrastructures to boundary management to the re-emergence of development pressure—are broad and deep. CLCC can and must maintain its growth trajectory and momentum into the next decade and the decades that follow. Formalizing its non-profit status and attracting a new group of land trust leaders for the board are timely steps in that direction.

With this plan, we recommit ourselves to a future in which land trust organizations are strong, sustainable, and able to meet all the conservation challenges Connecticut faces. To that end, we will accelerate our work supporting the state’s land trust community by focusing resources on regional support hubs, partnerships and collaborations, diversity in all its dimensions, and overall membership growth.

We will continue to lead in representing land conservation interests in the State Capitol, support efforts at the Federal level, and help land trusts apply those same skills locally. We will continue to provide learning opportunities through the annual conference and regional seminars. We will also continue to test and evaluate opportunities to deliver information and skill-building more effectively directly and through third-party vendors and fee-for-service programs.

Crew getting ready to dig into the work
Joan Smith