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Land Conservation in Connecticut is at a Pivotal Moment

For decades, Connecticut’s ~120 land trusts have done extraordinary work conserving over 204,000 acres of land. Unfortunately, Connecticut’s protected and unprotected lands have never been more threatened.

From the climate crisis to increased development pressure, our unprotected natural areas are becoming degraded, disconnected, and destroyed. These threats are further compounded by a lack of public investments in land conservation programs and challenges to equitable access to the outdoors.

Connecticut’s land trusts are poised to respond to these threats by accelerating the rate of land conservation and using their land to address the challenges facing our environment and our society.

Rising to the Occasion

Driven by an understanding of the threats to land and the critical role land plays in addressing a broad spectrum of issues, CLCC will expand its role as the primary resource to Connecticut’s land trusts.

Guided by our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, CLCC is poised to address the threats to Connecticut’s land, and elevate land conservation as a critical solution to the challenges we face today and into the future. With a strong record of achievement, a commitment to cooperation and partnership, and passionate and dedicated professional and volunteer leadership, the Connecticut Land Conservation Council is uniquely suited to collaboratively lead and serve the needs of Connecticut’s land trusts and land conservation community.

With the adoption and implementation of this Strategic Plan, CLCC is committed to accelerating the rate of land conservation, building stronger land trusts, and including more people along the way.

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Joan Smith