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Inverted Board Meeting Structure

Shared by Sharon Danosky, this alternative way of structuring board meetings allows you to focus discussion on “big picture” items, and connect the discussions in your meeting back to your mission and strategic objectives. Also included are ideas for creating a consent agenda to more efficiently move through items that may require approval, but do not require discussion.

Land Trust Board Member Boot Camp

CLCC’s Land Trust Board Member Boot Camp is a five-part series that covers the essential roles, functions, and responsibilities of land trust board members. The series is designed for those who are new to being on a board, new to land trusts, or are looking for a refresher course.

CT Land Trust Risk Management Initiative

The Land Trust Alliance and CLCC collaborated to bring risk management support to your land trust, through the Connecticut Land Trust Risk Management Initiative.

Organizational Resources

Diversifying organizations through their boards, staff, and committees is essential for reflecting community diversity and enhancing decision-making. The resources provide insights on inclusive environmental action, outline change processes for racial equity, offer roadmaps to inclusivity, guide on hiring diversely, and discuss barriers to organizational change. These tools help create environments where diverse perspectives are valued and drive forward the mission of land conservation inclusively​​.

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Land Trust Standards & Practices – Land Trust Alliance
Board Member Responsibilities for Ensuring the Strongest Transactions (101 series)

3/23/19 – Kevin Case and Chuck Toal provide a basic understanding of the technical aspects of land protection and stewardship for both conservation easements and fee-owned land. Gain a better understanding of the tools, resources and responsibilities needed to get the job done.

Building and Keeping a Strong Staff

3/23/19 – Amanda leads the discussion on job descriptions, personnel policy, employee culture, burnout and affordable health insurance. Gain a fresh perspective and tools to help make your staff stronger and stay longer, and therefore your land trust more successful.