Accreditation In The Time Of COVID-19
Q&A Session with Land Trust Accreditation Commission

4/29/20 – Melissa Kalvestrand, Land Trust Accreditation Commission Executive Director, and Valerie Roof, Senior Review Specialist presented on the Commission’s guidance on complying with standards and practices during this time of social distancing, sheltering-in-place, and economic uncertainty. Topics include but are not limited to easement and property monitoring, the financial health measures, and other considerations for applying for and maintaining your accreditation.

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Are You Ready for Land Trust Accreditation? Quiz

Accredited land trusts say that there is no perfect time to apply for accreditation – you just do it! However, there are key requirements a land trust must meet before it registers, and others it must plan to meet by time of pre-application and application. This checklist will help your land trust determine if it is eligible and ready to apply for accreditation.