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As the State’s umbrella organization for the land conservation community, the Connecticut Land Conservation Council believes in the notion of “stronger together.” From programs to policy, It underscores all that we do.

By working together we build trust, enhance each other’s strengths, reach more people, and through our efforts to achieve the common goal of a healthy environment, we have an opportunity to address some of our community’s problems.  

The 2020 murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, along with the racist harassment of birdwatcher Christian Cooper served as tipping points—exposing the enduring and systemic racism, prejudices and injustices faced by black, indigenous, and people of color communities in all elements of our society, including within the boundaries of the land and outdoor spaces we seek to protect.

The ensuing state of discord and growing polarization in our country—and the underlying and pervasive racism, brutality, and social inequities that have fueled it—are an urgent call to action.  

We need to do better. We need to do more.

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At the Connecticut Land Conservation Council, we are committed to staying engaged and involved—both internally within our organization and through the services and programs we offer—in taking action to assist our own organization and those that we serve in better understanding and taking action to address these issues, including:

  • Focusing land trusts on their organizational culture and providing opportunities to meet diverse audiences for the shared mission of building healthier and more sustainable communities through CLCC’s Regional Land Trust Advancement Initiatives.
  • Expanding our Board of Directors, staff, and consulting team to include individuals with a range of experiences and relationships in working with vulnerable communities, including those impacted by environmental injustice.
  • Compiling an Anti-Racism Resource Library on our website with resources for land trusts and others as a starting point in understanding the way white privilege is woven deep into land conservation.
  • Offering a monthly Anti-Racism Staff Blog as a channel for us to discuss and recommend a resource, individual, or organization who we are following as we actively work to address the systemic racism we encounter personally and professionally.
  • Continuing to offer speakers and workshops, including at our annual Connecticut Land Conservation Conference, on topics ranging from building organizational diversity, to pursuing opportunities for broader community relationships, to recognizing and addressing inequities in access to outdoor spaces and vital natural resources.
  • Sharing relevant programs and resources generated by other organizations throughout the state and beyond.

From the farthest rural corners to our most densely populated urban centers, as Connecticut’s land conservation community we must listen to those who are oppressed, speak up against societal injustices, and make a commitment to use our land conservation work as a way to bridge divides, build relationships, and unify people.

The alternative is unacceptable.

CLCC is committed to doing more and doing better. We are stronger together.

For more information on CLCC’s commitment to racial equity within our own organization as well as in the land conservation community, please contact executive director Amy Blaymore Paterson at or (860) 852-5512.

Additional Areas of Focus

We organize our advocacy work and programming around these areas:

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There are many challenges in land conservation, but we have never yielded. We’ve always found our strength in the support of people who care for the environment as much we do. We can achieve so much more working with one another than alone.

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