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Commencing with the Model Conservation Easement Project in 2014, the Connecticut Land Conservation Council is working to develop and maintain a library of model legal documents and accompanying commentaries to assist people and organizations in completing land conservation projects.

Note that changes in tax laws and Internal Revenue Service interpretations and rulings are frequent. Please review the model language carefully and always consult with your attorney when drafting a conservation easement and for other guidance.

If you have any questions about these documents, contact Amy B. Paterson at

Conservation Easement

The model conservation easement, options, and related commentary have been
prepared for illustrative and informational purposes only. The use of the modifier
“model” in the document and associated commentary is not intended to imply that the
document satisfies all legal requirements.

Conservation Easement Commentary

This commentary and the Model Easement and Options are intended as an aid for drafters
and negotiators of conservation easements. It is intended to be informational and
aspirational. It is not intended to and does not impose new obligations on land trusts and
should not be cited as a reference for such purposes.

Conservation Easement Compilation of Options

The Compilation of Options is a compilation of provisions setting forth basic Options for Grantor and Grantee Rights including prohibited uses, reserved rights, etc. The Compilation and Commentary, should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice or legal opinion regarding any specific facts or circumstances. They are not a substitute for representation of competent counsel.

Forever Wild Conservation Easement

A Forever Wild Easement generally allows passive use and limited human intervention with the goal of protecting and restoring wild ecological systems and their many benefits. A Forever Wild Easement retains the fewest landowner rights but offers the greatest assurance that the property will be an intact ecosystem in the future.

Agricultural Easement

This easement is a compilation of the 2014 Connecticut Model Grant of Agricultural Conservation Restriction (developed by a coalition including the American Farmland Trust, Connecticut Farmland Trust, CT Dept. of Agriculture), and the Connecticut Land Conservation Council Model [Open Space] Conservation Easement (Second Edition 2019).

Standards & Practices Template Policies/Sample Language

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