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Every year, the Connecticut Land Conservation Council sets a Conservation Agenda identifying key legislative policy and funding priorities critical to land conservation at every level.

The 2023 Connecticut General Assembly convened on January 4 and adjourned on June 7.

Supporting funding and staff for land conservation and stewardship programs, as well as incentivizing land conservation, stewardship, and climate resilience are at the top of CLCC’s 2023 list of policy priorities which include the following:

CHAMPION consistent bond funding for CT DEEP land conservation, trails, and parks programs including Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition (OSWA), Urban Green and Community Garden (UGCG), and Recreation and Natural Heritage Trust Program to protect wildlife and their habitat, ensure clean water, mitigate against climate change, provide access for public recreation, allow for local food production, and more.

PROTECT the integrity of the Community Investment Act (CIA) and ENSURE the funds stay intact and dedicated to support state programs for open space, agriculture, historic properties, and affordable housing.

STRENGTHEN CT DEEP’s capacity to promptly fill vacancies and create new positions, streamline grant administration, and engage in public-private partnerships that help the agency meet its mission, maintain service levels, and leverage federal funds for land conservation

CHAMPION amendments to Connecticut General Statutes Section 7-131d (OSWA Statute) to maximize the ability of municipalities, land trusts, and water companies to leverage municipal and federal funds.

ENSURE nature-based climate solutions are incorporated into state policies, goals and legislation to support climate resilience and mitigation.

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Annual Conservation Policy Priorities

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