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CLCC advocates for land conservation, stewardship and funding, and works to ensure the long-term strength and viability of the land conservation community in Connecticut.

Our Values

The Connecticut Land Conservation Council’s overarching vision is to effect a verifiable and quantitative change in the social, political, and economic processes that conserve land. We believe in a future where land conservation is embraced as a community value seen as providing essential and daily benefits to the quality of life for current and future generations.

CLCC works with land trusts across the state to strengthen conservation efforts and provide equitable access to open space, and advocates for policies that support land conservation as a vital resource. What distinguishes land trusts from other non-profits is the fact that they are created for the purpose of upholding their mission in perpetuity. CLCC makes sure that happens.

CLCC is committed to staying engaged and involved in taking action to assist our own organization and those that we serve in better understanding and taking action to address and promote diversity, equity, inclusion and environmental justice. Learn more about our commitment to Land & Equity »


Our Work

By the Numbers

Adding up our conservation efforts

digging in to do the work

Active Land Trusts

Protecting and stewarding the places and resources essential to our communities

land trusts

Land Trust Acres Conserved

Limited natural resources meet an unbridled dedication to keep our air and water clean, fight climate change, and enhance wildlife habitat

Community Investment Act Fund
$ million

Community Investment Act

CIA funds reinvested in conservation efforts, farming, affordable housing, and historic preservation

community garden
$ million

State Funding for OSWA

Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Program

Strengthen Land Conservation in Connecticut

There are many challenges in land conservation, but we have never yielded. We’ve always found our strength in the support of people who care for the environment as much we do. We can achieve so much more working with one another than alone.

We're stronger together.