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The benefits of nature-based climate solutions, including conserving forests, grasslands, wetlands, and healthy soil, in mitigating the impacts of climate change work both ways— absorbing greenhouse gases and also preventing the release of significant levels of carbon emissions that would be caused by deforestation and conversion of open lands to active development.

The land conservation work of land trusts is essential to Connecticut’s efforts in curbing climate change while also serving to engage and empower healthier local communities, protect wildlife and important plant species, ensure cleaner air and water, and provide for other co-benefits of conserving and stewarding greenspaces.

Maya Throwing Rocks in Spring 2020
Cristina Hayden

Additional Areas of Focus

We organize our advocacy work and programming around these areas:

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Combat Climate Change Together

There are many challenges in land conservation, but we have never yielded. We’ve always found our strength in the support of people who care for the environment as much we do. We can achieve so much more working with one another than alone.

We're stronger together.