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Conserving Land by Staying Connected...

Find a comfy spot, grab a cozy beverage, boot up your laptop and connect with your land conservation community.

Since March 2020, CLCC has offered interactive roundtables, webinars, and other digital opportunities in an effort to be responsive to the needs of Connecticut's Land Trust Community throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond.

This Fall, we're introducing a new series in partnership with the Land Trust Alliance and look forward to bringing you more opportunities to connect with your land trust community in the coming months!

Share your thoughts...

Please contact CLCC’s Deputy Director Aaron Lefland at alefland@ctconservation.org to share your thoughts and ideas regarding the programs and topics that would be helpful for you, your land trust, and community this year and beyond.

Workshops & Roundtables

Interact with experts in the field, network with your peers and build community as we navigate a variety of topics together.

Are we missing anything? Looking to learn more on a specific topic? 
Reach out to us with ideas for new topics and workshops!

Focus Groups

Join a discussion with your conservation peers and CLCC to share experiences and discuss concerns around specific topics and roles within your organizations—including but not limited to—accredited land trust, land trust executive staff, board roles, and many more!

Upcoming Focus Group

There are no focus groups scheduled at the moment, please reach out to CLCC's Deputy Director Aaron Lefland if you're interested in connecting about a particular topic.

Regional Summits

The CLCC Regional Land Trust Summits are a series of roundtables convened in regions throughout the state.

Get to know your neighboring land trust colleagues, share your land trust's experiences and challenges, offer advice on what's working, and get some advice on what could work better for your land trust and for your region!

Stay tuned for more to come in 2022!

Looking to convene with groups in your region?

Reach out to CLCC’s Deputy Director Aaron Lefland to set something up.