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Wood structure on preserve

Brett Lerner Cutting Phragmites

Although the depths of January keep most people indoors, the several week window of bitter temperatures allows for one unique…

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A man and a woman out on a hike

New Year’s Day Hike at Ells Crane Trail

Norfolk Land Trust The Norfolk Land Trust also hosted a first-day hike to welcome the new year. With land trust and community members, they hit…

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Snowy preserve on a sunny day with very few clouds

New Year’s Hike at Mary Edwards Mountain Property

Granby Land Trust First-day hikes are an annual tradition for many land trusts, including the Granby Land Trust (GLT). GLT Property Steward Fran…

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Photo from the road of preserve trailhead sign

Parking Expansion to Sweetcake Mountain Preserve

Candlewood Valley Regional Land Trust Candlewood Valley Regional Land Trust (CVRLT) recently shared that they enhanced access to one of their…

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Two brothers smiling on a platform at a preserve

New Wildlife Observation Platform in Wolfpit Preserve

Bethel Land Trust Towards the end of December, Sam Weissmann, his brother, and representatives of Bethel Land Trust (BLT) did their final inspection…

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Man posing with tractor

Barger Farm to be Protected for Future Farmers and Agriculture

Bolton Land Trust Connecticut Farmland Trust USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service Through a collaborative effort among the Bolton Land…

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Two staff members hang a trail sign to a tree in the woods

284-acres add to Bishop Swamp Wildlife Management Area for Hunting

CT DEEP CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) added 284 acres of land in Hebron to the…

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Scouts taking a break on a hiking trip

NCLT to Join the Old Forest Growth Network

Northern Connecticut Land Trust The Northern Connecticut Land Trust (NCLT) recently nominated two of its properties, the Webster Preserve and…

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Man hanging a trail sign on a tree in the woods

Protecting Key Woodland for the New England National Scenic Trail

Wallingford Land Trust Connecticut Forest & Park Association “We are very glad we were able to [acquire the land] and…

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YouTube video still of people standing outside of an event

Norwalk Land Trust Celebrates the Fall Equinox

Norwalk Land Trust In September, over 250 people attended the Norwalk Land Trust (NLT) Fall Equinox Sunset Reception at the…

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Raised beds in community garden

Planting a Food Forest for Seniors

Heritage Land Preservation Trust On November 4th, the Heritage Land Preservation Trust, together with the Torrington Conservation Commission set out to plant…

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Group of teens at night observing an owl banding

Owl Banding Program with 100 Girls Leading

Aspetuck Land Trust “From the questions to the sparkles in their eyes, it was truly a great experience made better…

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