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This template library contains a number of sample policies specific to Connecticut land trusts. The samples presented here are actual policies currently in use by land trusts in Connecticut, and CLCC generally believes these represent good practices.

These policies should be viewed only as examples. They are not comprehensive, and this is one resource among many that are available to you. Your land trust’s board should exercise its best judgment in adopting or amending your own policies, and consult an attorney as needed.  The policies and the information contained herein are intended to be informational, and are not a substitute for seeking legal advice.

Not all policies will be necessary or even desirable for all land trusts. The policies you choose to adopt—and how you modify them to suit your needs—will be specific to your own organization. But we hope that this library provides a starting point with some high quality sample policies.

Connecticut Land Trust Policy Sample Library

Last updated on July 27, 2021

Governance Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest Policy Conflict of Interest Policy Conflict of Interest Policy Conflict of Interest Policy
Conflict of Interest & Confidentiality Policies Conflict of Interest Policy
Whistleblower policy Whistleblower policy Whistleblower policy Whistleblower policy Whistleblower policy
Recordkeeping Policy Recordkeeping policy Record Management & Retention Policy Recordkeeping policy A Recordkeeping policy
Recordkeeping policy B
Ethics Statement of Ethics Ethics Policy
Confidentiality Confidentiality Policy
Employee Data Privacy Policy Employee Data Privacy Policy
Equal Employment Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
Opportunity Statement
Board of Directors Governance Evaluation of and by the Board
Board Self Evaluation
Executive Director Evaluation Form
Operations Operations Policy
Finance Financial Management & Controls Restricted & Dedicated Funds Financial Controls & Management Policy Financial Management Policy
Board Review of Form 990 Internal Financial Controls
Five Internal Controls for the Very Small Nonprofit
Fundraising & Donor Accountability Fundraising & Donor Accountability Policy
Donor Bill of Rights (external site)
Investment & Management of Financial Assets Investment Policy Investment Policy Investment Policy
Land Transactions
Land Acquisition Policies Acquisition Policy Title Investigation & Subordination Policy Land Acquisition Policy Land Preservation Criteria
Acquisition Checklist Acquisition Checklist Land Acquisition Methods Project Selection, Criteria, Evaluation, & Planning
Land Protection Guidelines Selection Criteria Checklist Conservation Tools Policy
Property Info & Site Visit Report Site Assessment Checklist
Project Planning Checklist
Landowner Appraisals & Federal / State Reporting Tax Code & Appraisals for Fee Land Donations Landowner Appraisals & Forms 8283 Federal & State Reporting Requirements
Tax Code & Appraisals for Easement Donation
Landowner Appraisals and Forms 8283
Qualified Appraisal Checklist
Procedure for Filing Form 8282
Executing & Documenting Transactions Executing & Documenting Transactions
Funding Stewardship of Properties Stewardship Funding Policy
Stewardship Execution of Intent & Responsibilities Execution of Intent & Responsibilities
Easement Enforcement Policy Easement Enforcement Policy Easement Enforcement Policy Easement Enforcement Policy A Easement Enforcement Policy
Easement Enforcement Policy B
Easement Amendment Policy Easement Amendment Policy Easement Amendment Policy A Easement Amendment Policy
Easement Amendment Policy B
Easement Monitoring Easement Monitoring Report Easement Monitoring Report
Preserve Monitoring Report
Contingency & Back-up Plans Contingency Policy
Reserved or Permitted Rights Approval of Reserved/Permitted Rights Approval of Reserved Rights, Discretionary Consent, & Requests for Use Reserved or Permitted Rights Policy
Record of Approval of Reserved/Permitted Rights
Baseline Documentation Baseline Documentation Policy
Landowner Relationships Landowner Relationships Policy
Community Outreach Community Outreach Policy
Stewardship Principles Stewardship Policy for Fee Land Management Stewardship Principles: Fee Properties

NOTE:  It is not sufficient for an organization simply to adopt this library of policies. There are many assets that are essential to the smooth running of a non-profit organization such as budget templates, strategic plans, risk assessments, and more, which are not included here at this time. It is every land trust’s responsibility to think not only of the adoption of good policies, but the implementation of those policies as well.

Special thanks to:

  • Lauren Ashbrook and Brad Ward, graduate students at the Yale School of the Environment
  • Amanda Branson, Sharon Feeley, and Connie Manes, co-chairs of the CLCC Accredited Land Trust working group
  • Each of the Connecticut land trusts who provided us with template policies for inclusion in the library.

Sign Samples

CLCC's sign collection includes example signage for land trusts and other conservation and trail organizations. If you have helpful signage to share, please contact Cristina at

For additional (non-CT) samples visit WeConservePA's sign gallery:

Land Trust Standards and Practices

The Land Trust Alliance (LTA) has developed the Land Trust Standards and Practices (the “Standards”) to help organizations operate in an ethically and technically sound manner. The Standards include 12 standards comprised of 59 different practices divided into 188 practice elements, which together describe the actions required to meet the Standards. While adoption of the Standards is required for membership in LTA, it is also widely considered best practice, whether or not your land trust is interested in membership. Many of the policies in this library help to meet the Standards, but others are supplemental.



Some Connecticut land trusts may be interested in land trust accreditation, which is awarded by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission to land trusts which meet high standards for excellence in conservation. A number of the policies in this library are required for accreditation. For further info, please refer to the resources listed below or contact the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.