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Advanced Collaboration & Merger Assistance

Assisting land trusts seeking stronger organizational health and effectiveness through advanced collaboration, structural realignment, or merger with other organizations.

For more information contact CLCC's Executive Director, Amy Blaymore Paterson.

Purpose of the Advanced Collaboration & Merger Assistance Program

There is a wide range of ways in which two or more organizations can collaborate to operate more effectively, up to and including merger. This multi-level program assists organizations seeking to determine if a formal collaboration is in their best interest.

2021 Advanced Collaboration Feasibility Studies

Organizations that are formally committed to the exploration for advanced collaboration will work with a consultant/facilitator over the course of several months to determine the feasibility of formalizing a new relationship or structure.

Merger Assistance Programs

Organizations that have committed to an advanced collaborative relationship, structure, including merger, will work with a consultant and other professionals (attorneys, accountants, etc.) to implement some or all components of the collaborative process.

Collaborations & Mergers Resources

CLCC has compiled a list of resources to assist land trusts along their collaboration and merger journey. Find useful documents, experiences from other organizations, and Q&A sessions to help answer questions land that may arise during the process.

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