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Collage from April issue of #LoveYourCTLandTrust

These stories hit home to the mission land trusts share with one another, conserving and protecting the land around them. As land trusts steward their land, new and unexpected surprises can appear from their efforts. Through collaboration with community members and other local land trusts, these partnerships strengthen the bonds and resources that empower conservation efforts.

The relationships created are what give value and longevity to the conservation movement. As with Judge Constance Baker Motley, whose determined and persevering work impacted the history of civil rights, advocacy, and beyond, the efforts linking land trusts and other community organizations with one another will lead to great change. With April being Earth Month, a time for us to reflect on the environment and the issues affecting it, connecting and collaborating with your local land trust is another step forward in conservation for the present and future.

With the rain and snow passing and the tepid weather of spring flowing in, come opportunities to get outside, celebrate nature and #LoveYourCTLandTrust.

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Photo Credits 
Phragmites in wetland courtesy of Brett Lerner
Constance Baker Motley Preserve in Chester, CT courtesy of Rebecca Dahl
15.38-acre acquisition courtesy of Orange CT Land Trust
Wetlands property courtesy of Wyndham Land Trust
Sycamore Field courtesy of John Landon

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