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Code of Conduct for Programs and Events

The Code of Conduct below reflects the values and behaviors that the Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) expects of all participants at CLCC-hosted programs and events. This policy is intended to guide participants towards behavior that will ensure everyone’s enjoyment of the event and will continue to be adapted at CLCC’s discretion.

CLCC Code of Conduct

CLCC is committed to strengthening the community of individuals and organizations that sustain land conservation for all. This commitment includes ensuring that our staff, volunteers, and event participants have a harassment-free and inclusive experience when engaging in CLCC programs and events. We celebrate diversity, promote equity, embrace inclusion, and prioritize the overall well-being of participants.

CLCC expects all who engage in our programs and events to conduct themselves, and to treat others with integrity, honesty, and respect. All participants at CLCC programs and events are expected to behave in a professional manner and to show courtesy to others. Any form of harassment*, including sexual harassment** or violence, that is deemed to be offensive, disruptive, or disturbing, by another participant will not be tolerated.

CLCC may ask an event attendee to leave the immediate premises if they fail to comply with this Code of Conduct Policy, and their future access to CLCC programs and events may be revoked at CLCC’s discretion.

Should any attendee of a CLCC event experience or witness a violation of this Code of Conduct Policy, CLCC requests that they bring the incident to the attention of CLCC Executive Director, Amy Paterson and/or the nearest immediate Senior Staff person. If an attendee of a CLCC event witnesses an action that threatens anyone’s personal health or safety, please dial 911 or contact local emergency services before alerting a CLCC representative.

CLCC is committed to upholding this Code of Conduct fairly and without discrimination.

We thank you for your involvement with CLCC and for helping us ensure an inclusive and welcoming environment for all to enjoy CLCC programs and events.


Defined by UNFCCC as:

*any improper or unwelcome conduct that might reasonably be expected or be perceived to cause offense or humiliation to another person;

**any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that might reasonably be expected or be perceived to cause offense or humiliation and may involve any conduct of a verbal, nonverbal or physical nature including written and electronic communications between persons of the same or different genders.