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Dirt road with trees on both sides

Wyndham Land Trust

The Wyndham Land Trust (WLT) recently acquired two properties: the 86-acre Cartier Preserve in Woodstock and the 65-acre Potrzeba Preserve in Pomfret. This adds to the 5000 acres of forest and grasslands already protected by the land trust in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner.

Both preserves are part of a large undeveloped area of forested habitat covering several thousand acres that is important for storing carbon and fighting climate change. The forested habitat also provides significant bird habitat. WLT land manager, Andy Rzeznikiewicz notes, “the diversity of birds is very high—an indication of the health and the size of the forest.” The Cartier Preserve rises to over 900 feet in its center and is traversed by a mile-long trail…

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