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Four adults standing on the side of the road with orange buckets in front of them, and one adult sitting in a tan truck

Groton Open Space Association

“This year we saw COVID masks added to the usual debris, but limited mylar balloons,” reflected Groton Open Space Association (GOSA) President Joan Smith after a cleanup along the road frontage of the Merritt Family Forest.

In celebration of Earth Month, with support from The Last Green Valley, GOSA is organizing a series of roadside cleanups throughout their community. At the second cleanup at Candlewood Ridge and the Candlewood Hill Wildlife Management Area, one volunteer notably used a grappling hook to retrieve three tires from the quarry, while others collected the tires, rims and over two truckloads of trash. Up next is a cleanup at Haley Farm State Park along with Dog Scout Troop 219, a local geocaching group, and outreach support from Covanta. Follow more of GOSA’s Earth Month endeavors on their Instagram page…

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