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Connecticut Land Trust Risk Management Initiative – Weekly Sessions

October 18, 2021   |   6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Land Trust Alliance and Connecticut Land Conservation Council are collaborating to bring the Connecticut Land Trust Risk Management Initiative to you and your land trust!

This new program is designed to help land trusts ensure the permanency of their work by understanding and identifying risk, and assessing current risk management strategies through a series of online training sessions.

What is risk management? A discipline for coping with uncertainty – for land trusts this includes examining areas of potential risk within the organization including governance, financial practices, land transactions, stewardship, and programming.

After participating in this program, your land trust will be better prepared to protect the organization and defend its conserved lands, as well as have a greater peace of mind that your organization is prepared to prevail in potential legal challenges in the future.

The program will consist of five consecutive weekly training sessions running on Monday evenings beginning October 18th, topics covered are as follows: 

  • October 18th from 6-7pm: Introduction to Risk Management
    In this first session, participants will learn what risk is and how you can embrace risk management as a discipline to protect your land trust’s assets. We will also cover the tools that are available to help you assess and balance risk.
  • October 25th from 6-7pm: Governance and Finance
    The goal of this session is to help participants understand the governance and finance related risks to nonprofit organizations that are committed to protecting land in perpetuity. This includes considerations of your board, employees, and volunteers, as well as your reputation and budgetary needs.
  • November 1st from 6-7pm: Land Transactions
    You will leave this session with a better understanding of the risks related to project selection, transactions, recording, and recordkeeping. There will be an emphasis on ensuring sound transactions, including legal review, title work, budgets, environmental review, and more.
  • November 8th from 6-7pm: Stewardship and Programming
    During this session, participants will learn about stewardship related risks (including monitoring, baseline documentation, management plans and dealing with possible problems) as well as those related to programming, volunteers, and communications.
  • November 15th from 6-7pm: Risk Assessment
    In this last session, participants will be introduced to risk assessment, including how to form an assessment team and the tools and resources available to help your organization assess risk and formulate a plan to address risks.
    Following the training sessions, participants will have the chance to apply for subsidized one-on-one consultation support to perform an organizational risk assessment.

Additional Program & Presenter Information
Following the training sessions, participants will have the opportunity to apply for one-on-one consultation support to perform an organizational risk assessment.The series will be led by Connie Manes, an attorney and nationally recognized consultant specializing in organizational assessment, capacity building, and land trust accreditation. Meet Connie >>

The CT Land Trust Risk Management Initiative Sessions will be held via Zoom. Registration is required and will provide you with access to all five sessions.
Please register via Zoom here >> 

Want to learn more about the CT Land Trust Risk Management Initiative? Watch the recording from our Information Session on Monday, September 27
to learn how this upcoming training and support can advance your land trust’s understanding of and ability to balance risk. Recording and Resources >>

The information and training sessions are complimentary and open to all Connecticut land trusts interested in understanding and balancing risk. We ask that your land trust / organization makes an effort to attend all five sessions and we encourage more than one person from your organization to attend.


Questions? Technical Difficulties? Contact CLCC’s Program Manager, Rebecca Dahl


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