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Collage of farmland and Jane Pratt Preserve sign

Bridgewater Land Trust

“We are thrilled to be the first land trust to enroll in the program. There are cases where land trusts have been given land that may not be fully protected, and we hope that this may pave the way for others to do the same.” – Ed Franklin, Bridgewater Land Trust President

As a result of the hard work and strong partnership of Bridgewater Land Trust (BWLT), the Connecticut State Department of Agriculture, and the Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy, 104 acres of land is forever preserved as a working farm for the benefit of the Bridgewater community.

Jane Pratt Farm Preserve was protected with a permanent agriculture restriction from future development as part of the state’s Farmland Preservation Program. BWLT received the value of development rights of the property at $4,500 per acre which will be used to advance its conservation mission and provide funding for needed maintenance, repairs and upgrades…

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Photo Courtesy of Julie Stuart, Bridgewater Land Trust