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Left image is a group of people posting by an osprey nest. Second image is of 2 ospreys getting ready to fly from the osprey nest.

Milford Land Conservation Trust

Over 2021, The Milford Land Conservation Trust (MLCT) saw major success in their cooperative effort to provide a nesting platform to an Osprey family.

Across from a railroad catenary structure at Gulf Pond, MLCT members and volunteers gathered to erect a 20-foot tall Osprey nest. Ospreys had nested on the catenary for 3 years prior and failed to propagate.

In just under 7 months, an Osprey pair transitioned to the new nest and successfully raised a family! On September 9, 2021, the Osprey family migrated and the nest was vacant. MLCT expects the pair to return in late March/early April 2022 to continue to grow their family…

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Photo Credit: Wendy Zimbardi