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People posing on a trail in the fall

The North Haven Land Trust has developed a new walking trail on one of its properties at 430 Clintonville Road. The trail is intended to provide the public with a relaxing walking trail through a level 4-acre property that is adjacent to the railroad tracks, near the Clintonville Elementary School. The trail is accessed from Clintonville Road (between Mike’s Automotive and a utility pumping station building) with a small paved parking area and street parking. The trail has a single entry that connects with three loops that wind through the property.

Older residents may remember when the land was used to raise agricultural crops. When the property was developed, the North Haven Land Trust was gifted a portion of the property to remain undeveloped. Over the years, Mother Nature has begun to reclaim the land and it is in the early stages of reverting back to forest. A variety of early succession trees are now growing (oaks, cherry, pine, mulberry, willow, maple, etc.), along with an alarming number of invasive species (autumn olive, oriental bittersweet, phragmites, multiflora rose, etc.).

This is the first trail that the North Haven Land Trust has installed on one of its 20 properties in North Haven. Board members, Bryant Munson and Peter Madden spearheaded the effort and with Walt Brockett (board member) volunteered countless hours cutting vegetation and clearing trails. A forest mulching machine was utilized to widen the trails and cut and mulch the trees down to ground level. Also, 180 tons of ground recycled concrete material was purchased to provide a smooth walkable trail surface. Walt Brockett used his tractor to distribute the material onto the trails and has mowed vegetation growing in the trails.

The North Haven Land Trust is providing the public with an opportunity to enjoy a leisurely walk and experience some of nature’s beauty. The North Haven Land Trust is grateful for the hard work of these volunteers to prepare their property to be enjoyed by the public.

The North Haven Land Trust board members on the newly created walking trail on Clintonville Road. The public is encouraged to “take a hike”

To join or donate to the NHLT email Heidi at haboettget@snet.net or mail PO Box 262, North Haven, CT