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Conservation Soil Technician – CT RC&D

Projects/Programs, Stewardship

The Conservation Soil Technician will work within the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to implement programs and provisions included in the Farm Bill. The Conservation Soil Technician position provides technical assistance for resource conservation projects with direct interaction with farmers, landowners, agencies, contractors, and related project partners. The majority of work focuses on project surveys, site evaluation and design, planning assistance, field data collection and scheduling the application of conservation plan practices.

The position includes following tasks:

  • Works with supervisor to inspect proposed farm sites, determines need and feasibility of conservation practices applicable for geographical locations. Learns and gain practice experience to explain cost-share payment procedures to farmers, performs layout work, and supervises construction of practices for which the NRCS has technical responsibility.
  • Assists with preliminary engineering survey and gathers design data for structures requiring engineering application. Records field notes and prepares designs based on standard designs for review and approval by others.
  • Checks completed practices to determine that specifications are met. Completes field sheets and recommends acceptability of completed practices to the supervisor for final certification.
  • Advises landowner/operator toward proper maintenance of project installation. Prepares recommended adjustments in basic plan under supervision of NRCS staff mentor.
  • Develop schedules for implementing comprehensive conservation plans that provide for effective land use and water management in relation to the conservation needs of the land and the on-going agricultural enterprise.
  • Provides information to farmers, ranchers, and other rural residents on the kinds of assistance available from the NRCS and other USDA agencies.
  • Assists with maintenance and logging of contract details. Assist in maintaining workload registers with information from contracts for needed follow-up, and in carrying out basic functions of the follow-up schedule.
  • Establishes and maintains program files and documents for program delivery and documentation.
  • Maintains mailing and contact lists for program delivery.
  • Attends program related meetings to gather data and record information.
  • Assists with a public region-wide and targeted outreach campaign for marketing Farm Bill and Department of Agriculture Resources programs, including, but not limited to: simple visual displays for local meetings and conferences, field days, public events, articles for newsletters and other news media contacts. Work with NRCS Public Affairs Specialist in developing needed brochures and other outreach information. Assist with meeting notices, letters, printing, copying, mailings, etc. for program delivery.
  • Maintain a daily record of activities; prepare and maintain field office records; and assist in the compilation and development of required reports.

Deadline: 12/08/23
CT Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D)
. Two positions available – one located in located in Torrington, Connecticut and one located in Danielson, Connecticut.