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Action Alert from the Land Trust Alliance:  Breaking News!  We’re This Close To Halting Abuse

The 2022 midterm elections are now officially over. While some races remain undecided, the conclusion of the midterms signifies that the current Congress will soon begin a lame-duck session. During this pivotal period, the Land Trust Alliance’s focus is on urging Congress to pass the Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act. But our advocacy efforts alone aren’t enough. We need your help to get it done!

There continues to be strong bipartisan, bicameral support for passing a retirement security package before year’s end. This is good news for our community as current legislative text for the package includes the Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act. This specific legislation would effectively halt abuse of the federal conservation easement tax incentive while ensuring that the vast majority of conservation easements can continue to go forward as authentic charitable endeavors.

Unfortunately, just as Congress is working on negotiating and passing this important legislative package, a small group of individuals are continuing to peddle falsehoods on the Integrity Act in the hopes that it will be stripped from the retirement bill. If their efforts are successful, billions of dollars would continue to flow out of the federal coffers and Congress could reduce or even erase the incentive all together. We cannot let that happen!

We’re asking you to deliver this simple, quick and urgent email to your elected officials’ Capitol Hill and district office staff.

The Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act is essential to stopping tax cheats from taking billions in taxpayer money. As a passionate land conservationist, I urge [INSERT SEN./REP. LAST NAME OF ELECTED OFFICIAL] to tell congressional leadership to pass the Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act this year! It must get done before the current Congress’ term ends so my land trust, Connecticut Land Conservation Council in Hamden, can rest soundly knowing that a profound threat to our community has been eliminated and that tax incentives for land conservation remain available to landowners to conserve their working lands for years to come.

Your emails should be sent to the chief of staff, district director and staffer who handles tax issues for each of your elected officials. Once you’ve completed this request, I ask that you let me know you took action by emailing policy@lta.org. You may also use this email should you have any questions or need help identifying your elected officials.

With the current Congress only in session for another few weeks, we must act swiftly to ensure the continued viability and integrity of this important conservation incentive. We’re this close to halting abuse. With your help, we can get it done this year.

Lori Faeth
Senior Director of Government Relations
202-800-2230 | policy@lta.org