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Two people removing knotweed on the side of the road

Lyme Land Trust

This week, the Lyme Land Trust and its volunteers could be found across the town “Nixing the Knotweed”. After one day, a dramatic change was made to remove the invasive Japanese Knotweed and encourage native plant growth in the future.

Volunteer Wendy Hill shared, “It was a wonderful day of teamwork with great volunteers. We were inspired and guided by Suzanne Thompson’s NixtheKnotweed Campaign.”

The Lyme Land Trust is following the “Method of Threes” – they will cut down the knotweed three times this growing season, repeating this for three years to rid these areas of the invasive for good, without the use of herbicide. Partner organizations who joined the land trust on the day were the Town of Lyme, the Friends of Whalebone Cove, and the Lyme Public Hall

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