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To say that David Bingham is a land conservation icon is an understatement. Founder and current vice-president of Salem Land Trust and long-time CLCC advisor, David is well-known locally, statewide, and nationally as a thoughtful and impactful advocate for land conservation, farmland preservation, and other environmental and social causes.

Joanne Sheehan, Southeastern Connecticut Community Land Trust President, has become an important partner in our land conservation work, particularly as a speaker in roundtable discussions around housing, food security, and other community land use issues.

Connecticut’s need for affordable housing has struck a chord at every level, generating intense debate around land use regulation, funding options, access, equity, and more.

David and Joanne connected during a CLCC conference roundtable. They exchanged ideas and created a vision for how conservation land trusts and community land trusts may work together to provide access to conserved lands and affordable housing – both essential components of healthy and sustainable communities.

This month, their vision turned into reality with the purchase of almost 200-acres of forest and farmland along with a farmhouse in Salem. The intent is that the land will be stewarded by the Salem Land Trust and the house will be sold to the Southeastern CT Community Land Trust for use as affordable housing – in perpetuity.

Good things happen when smart, caring people connect, and superstars align.

We look forward to sharing updates as the project progresses.

Amy Blaymore Paterson
Executive Director
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