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Tentatively scheduled for March 22, 2025

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Agroforestry for Land Trusts and Landowners in CT

Room: South College B2/B3
Intro Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level

Seva Water will present an overview of regenerative agriculture and agroforestry practices and application of these approaches to forests and fields in CT. Forestland holds many opportunities for management, stewardship, and also productive yields that are suitable to woodlands, edge areas, and fields. These practices are rooted in indigenous land management practices and are currently in use around the world for varied opportunities like medicinal herbs, mushrooms, specialty crops, and fruit and nuts. With project examples under a variety of conditions, Seva will explore the potential of agroforestry for land management and community involvement. Agroforests produce yields beyond timber while providing ecological services and responding to climate change challenges like drought and storm events. Seva will give insight into the exciting potential and rising interest in combating habitat loss, soil degradation, and farm/landowner insecurity through agroforestry.  Seva will present practices supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and funding opportunities through NRCS and other sources to support these kinds of projects.


Seva Water, Regenerative Agriculture Planner, Regenerative Design Group

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“CLCC’s annual conference is like Woodstock for Connecticut’s land conservation community. It’s an opportunity to foster connections, get inspired, and celebrate our collective accomplishments”

- Pete Govert, Executive Director, East Haddam Land Trust

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