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Tentatively scheduled for March 22, 2025

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Envisioning a Flourishing Future: Introduction to Rights of Nature

Room: Fayerweather 106
Intro Level

This workshop is an introduction to Rights of Nature, the movement to secure legal rights for the natural world, including the rights for species and ecosystems to exist, flourish, regenerate, evolve, and be restored. This paradigm shift reflects indigenous worldviews in which humans are an integral part of the life community. Granting legal rights to nature strengthens conservation efforts by enabling more powerful and enforceable protection of the environment. Participants will come away with an understanding of:

  • some of the rights of nature laws and policies that have been enacted;
  • how granting legal rights to nature creates more effective environmental protections as well as mechanisms to enforce and defend these rights;
  • how securing the highest level of legal protection for nature also protects human communities;
  • the possibilities for applying these legal tools at the local and regional level.


Cherry Liley, Board Member, The Wellspring Commons Stewards, Inc.

Keetu Winter, Executive Director, The Wellspring Commons Stewards, Inc.

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- Pete Govert, Executive Director, East Haddam Land Trust

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