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November 2022 #LoveYourCTLandTrust Collage Stories

Here we have a new selection of stories to share with everyone. Throughout our lives, we will receive from others and give to others. Be it gifts for special occasions or just because we are thinking about them, these gifts in whatever form they take, make an impact. These stories embody the notion of giving and receiving.

Our land trusts receive critical funding to advance their conservation efforts and projects in their respective communities. These projects don’t only focus on the land, but the people that live and play on the land. We use the land to give back food to those who don’t have access to it, we use it to teach the younger generations about our wildlife and preservation efforts, and we use it to find better ways to steward it. As we take from the land, we are teaching and giving back to it in different ways.

As nature readies itself for the long sleep of winter, let’s be reflective on all the things we have done for our communities and land trusts. So, while inside and planning your visit to view the last colors of autumn, keep your local community in mind and to #LoveYourCTLandTrust!

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Photo Credits:
#100GirlsLeading, Inc. owl-banding courtesy of Aspetuck Land Trust
Community Garden courtesy of Heritage Land Preservation Trust
Urban Community Gardens courtesy of KNOX, Inc.
Carini Preserve Gazebo courtesy of Chester Land Trust
Baylee Drown and Ryan Quinn photo courtesy of Baylee Drown