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CLCC executive director with 3 additional colleagues representing other conservation organizations

Over the past six months, in preparation for the 2024 legislative session, I have engaged in meaningful discussions alongside my colleagues Denise Savageau (CT Association of Conservation Districts), Robert Lafrance (Audubon Connecticut), and Alicea Charamut (Rivers Alliance of CT), focusing on a topic close to all our hearts – Nature.

At every opportunity to provide public input, we have delved into the critical role that natural and working lands play in absorbing CO2, protecting wildlife habitat, filtering air pollutants, mitigating flooding, contributing to recreation and mental health, and more.

The intersection of the climate crisis and biodiversity loss cannot be ignored. The changing climate negatively impacts habitats and ecosystems, while the loss of biodiversity intensifies the effects of climate change. Addressing one crisis necessitates addressing the other.

In January, my colleagues and I spoke at various forums, including the CT League of Conservation Voters annual Environmental Summit. Alongside Senator Tony Hwang and Representative Christine Palm, we discussed the importance of elevating and strengthening state policy on nature-based solutions.

As the legislative session approaches on February 7, we see a vital opportunity to translate our words into action and prioritize nature-based solutions in state policies, goals, and legislation. Your unwavering advocacy will be instrumental in our success.

Representative Palm and Senator Hwang’s message is clear: Building relationships, reaching out to elected officials and ensuring they understand why this issue matters are essential components of effective advocacy.

These are challenging times for our natural environment, and our collective strength and vocal advocacy will be crucial in keeping nature at the forefront of action at local, state, and federal levels.

The upcoming legislative session is our chance to do just that.

Amy Blaymore Paterson
Executive Director
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P.S. Also, just this week, we joined Audubon CT for a presentation at its center in Greenwich for its “Pollinator Potluck: The Biodiversity Crisis & Audubon’s Natural Climate Solutions.” You can catch the Facebook livestream of that event here.