A New Year = New Hikes and Places to Explore

Happy New Year to everyone, everywhere! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones and enjoyed the time together. This month’s collection of stories brings…

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New Year’s Day Hike at Ells Crane Trail

A man and a woman out on a hike

Norfolk Land Trust The Norfolk Land Trust also hosted a first-day hike to welcome the new year. With land trust and community members, they hit the trails at Ells Crane. As they hiked they found all sorts of…

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New Year’s Hike at Mary Edwards Mountain Property

Snowy preserve on a sunny day with very few clouds

Granby Land Trust First-day hikes are an annual tradition for many land trusts, including the Granby Land Trust (GLT). GLT Property Steward Fran Armentano led the hiking group through the Mary Edwards Mountain Property – guiding…

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Parking Expansion to Sweetcake Mountain Preserve

Photo from the road of preserve trailhead sign

Candlewood Valley Regional Land Trust Candlewood Valley Regional Land Trust (CVRLT) recently shared that they enhanced access to one of their preserves. With project coordination from CVRLT Board member Shane Cosentino, donation of…

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New Wildlife Observation Platform in Wolfpit Preserve

Two brothers smiling on a platform at a preserve

Bethel Land Trust Towards the end of December, Sam Weissmann, his brother, and representatives of Bethel Land Trust (BLT) did their final inspection of the newly constructed observation platform created by Sam for his…

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Taking Action NOW for Future Generations

Two young conservationists posing at a hike in November

Last month, I joined the Steep Rock Association (SRA) in Washington, CT, to celebrate the grand opening of a new trail at the Macricostas Preserve. It was a picture perfect, crisp fall day, with…

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Conserving Land Through all Seasons

Collage from the December #LoveYourCTLandTrust issue

There’s a chill in the air, the last of the leaves have gone, snow is falling, and animals are heading into hibernation for the arrival of winter. While the spring…

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NCLT to Join the Old Forest Growth Network

Scouts taking a break on a hiking trip

Northern Connecticut Land Trust The Northern Connecticut Land Trust (NCLT) recently nominated two of its properties, the Webster Preserve and Echo Ridge, to join the Old Growth Forest Network (OGFN).…

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