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An adult and group of kids exploring outside

Wilton Land Conservation Trust

“ ‘Community and conservation are connected. Restoring native plant habitat is the critical first step to preserving biodiversity. This is just the start of many plantings to come.’ ” – David McCarthy, Wilton Land Conservation Trust Executive Director

On a “Stewardship Sunday” filled with sunshine, smiles, and laughter, Wilton Land Conservation Trust and volunteers of all ages came together for a collective effort to sustain and protect biodiversity. The community workday focused on removing invasive species and planting native vegetation to nurture the environment for birds and animals on Schenck’s Island, as well as aquatic and amphibians in the Norwalk River. The goal of the day was to encourage native environmental stewardship and provide places for the Wilton community to connect with nature, be inspired, and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family…