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Sunset at Savin Rock Park

I started my position as the CLCC Sandy Breslin Conservation Fellow in August of 2021 and right away I was given the task to coordinate the Conservation Conversations series for the fall. I was ready to jump in and I felt excited to be given the opportunity to begin connecting with land trusts and state legislators all across Connecticut.

Admittedly, I didn’t forecast the extent of all the moving parts necessary to organize these important conversations. Even so, I was fortunate that all of our co-hosts were immensely supportive and accommodating to help me navigate this new world. At the same time, I was energized by the enthusiasm from our state legislators and the community members to get out on the land and champion these amazing properties.

It can be easy to get caught up behind a computer screen going through the motions – feeling disconnected from the impact your work can have out in the real world. The Conservation Conversations gave me the chance to see and hear from the people and communities behind the land trust and introduced me to dedicated and energetic advocates for the land with a passion to share it with all. It filled me with feelings of belonging and hope.

This experience also provided me with a greater understanding of the importance of the Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Program, Community Investment Act, and other state land conservation funding programs and how they may be used to leverage local and federal partnerships to bring these projects to fruition.

All in all, I’ve had a wonderful experience organizing and participating in our fall Conservation Conversations. And there’s more to come!

Today, tomorrow, or all year round we are here to work with your land trust and community to arrange a “walk and talk” with your state legislators at a favorite preserve, park or community garden. Feel free to contact me at sboucher@ctconservation.org to set up a Conservation Conversation in your region anytime!

Sylvie Boucher
Sandy Breslin Conservation Fellow
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