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Collage of photos featuring land trusts from the August 2022 issue

August #LoveYourCTLandTrust is Now Available

Partnerships, programs, projects, press, and goats! (Not finding a word that begins with “p” to describe goats!) Connecticut land trusts…

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Monarch butterfly on flowers

#LoveYourCTLandTrust July 2022 Now Available

Connecticut is a small but mighty state for land trusts. We are the third smallest state yet home to the…

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Collage of different bridge building projects at different land trusts

June #LoveYourCTLandTrust Now Available

When I started to compile stories for this month’s eNews, I came across several social media posts featuring land trusts…

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Sunset at Savin Rock Park

Conservation Conversations are a Celebration of Land and People

I started my position as the CLCC Sandy Breslin Conservation Fellow in August of 2021 and right away I was…

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